Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to All

Hope everyone has enjoyed/is enjoying their Father's Day. Either with your Dad or in memory of your Dad. Ours here at home was cut short today. My Husband and I drove to Virginia to meet his mother so the kids could spend the week in Pennsylvania. We'll be headed there on Saturday. So a week without the kids. What does a mother do??? Well, on my agenda is clean, paint my son's room, have dinner with my friend Holly, see the Dr. (yeah) and visit my old friend from high school Kim in Charlotte. We were college room mates at King's College in Charlotte. I haven't seen her since then (1994) and am very excited to see how she is. So wish me luck that I can actually enjoy MY time cause I already miss my babies and it's only been 4hrs.

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  1. Hey chris thanks for stopping by my blog...I love making new blogging friends:) As for templates, check out the cutest blog on the block...they have sooooooo many cute templates:)) Well welcome to the blogging world and thank you so much for the advice...I need all that I can get...take care:)